Monday, December 6, 2010

Jan 2011 Trip

Dates will be Jan 21st to 25th (Fri to Tue). Sunday uplift will be more of a hassle as the many local riders will also be headed up the hill. Hopefully the cable car will be in full operation by then, which will provide alternative means of transport up the hill.

Please take note of the following:

(1) Read the following requirements:
Penang setup requirements

Given additional erosion over the past year, 160mm front fork would be the minimum to clear all the technical obstacles you will encounter.

Bring spare hangar for your bike, spare brake pads, make sure your bike is in good shape.

(2) I will be travelling till the 19th. So riders are required to bring over their bikes and luggage to my place on the 20th, the earlier in the day the better. Luggage should be square-type and sturdy, so that we can stack them properly in the van. All loading into the van should be done by 9pm, as we will be doing an early start on Friday morning, in order to get in 1 ride on Fri afternoon (21st).

(3) Hotel choice and roommate choice. Please state if you have any budgetary concerns. We can either stay at Gurney Hotel (4 star $100), G hotel (5 star $120), or Waterfall (3 or less star $30). The pricing is the estimated price per room without sharing. At the first 2 hotels, the carpark will be monitored by CCTV so less worry for us as the bikes will be stored in the van overnight. At waterfall hotel, unless the bike is very clean, they don't like you to wheel the bike into the room.


  1. About time :)
    My last trip changed just about every perspective of my riding. Bike should be ready this time...

  2. Ok I've reserved 3 rooms at the G hotel. 2 Twin sharing rooms are RM280++ while a single is RM260++, including breakfast for all. The breakfast there is pretty good, from fond memories. Taxes should be 10% + 6% if I'm not mistaken (could be 20%, confirm upon check-in). If it's 16%, it works out to S$70 per head for the twin sharing folks.

  3. good breakfast, authentic penang lunch... will stop watching movies now... go there got tons of time to see... some more cheap...

  4. Yo just realized the Red Bull Nite DH race is on 22nd Jan! Wanna change dates a bit for PEN. Think it should be exciting....lets be a part of the race. what say u guys?